10 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Marketing with urlshortner.org

Shiel Published on April 24, 2021

10 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Marketing with urlshortner.org

The first social media platform to launch ads was Facebook. It has set the benchmark for other social media sites to run ads. Facebook marketing is the best way to boost your brand’s visibility and sales. Some social media platforms have some character limits. Therefore, when you want to run ads on Facebook, you need to shorten your URLs using urlshortner.org.

Why Do You Need to Use Facebook for Marketing?

When you compare Facebook with the other social media platforms, you’ll notice that it’s still the biggest marketing platform. There are many good reasons for that, such as:

  • It has over one billion active users per day and more than two billion monthly active users.
  • These active users are growing in number with each passing day.
  • YouTube only has 1.5 billion monthly active users.
  • Instagram has 700 million active users per month.
  • Another social media platform Twitter is at the end with 328 million monthly active users.

These stats show that none of the other social media platforms has equal to or more than Facebook active users. Instagram and YouTube are trying their best, but still, they are behind. Recent changes in Facebook algorithms have made marketers worried, but more than 90% of marketers use this platform for ad posting.

10 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Marketing

It’s not difficult to start a Facebook page, but getting followers, engagement, and organic reach isn’t easy. Follow the below-given tactics for Facebook marketing and boost your sales.

  1. Use Short URLs

When you use motion ads on Facebook, you add URLs to redirect users to your site or store for conversion. The biggest mistake many marketers make is they post long and awkward-looking URLs. These URLs don’t only ruin the user experience, but they also don’t help in getting sales. Long links also look suspicious, and visitors don’t want to click them. 

Moreover, they make the ad long. So, what’s the solution? You run an ad on Facebook to get engagement and conversion, but you end up losing your money. There can be lots of reasons for this. One of them is the long URLs. You can use any free or paid URL shortener to shorten your links. If you’re not sure about the best URL shorteners, we would suggest you use urlshortner.org. By using this, you can make your long URLs short in a few seconds, and you’ll achieve your goals.

  1. Post Less

Can you imagine less posting can help us grow our organic reach and engagement by three times? Yes, you have read it right. When we post less, we can focus on quality instead of quantity. By publishing only once or twice, we can share the best content. In contrast, when we post four to five times a day, we failed to share quality content.

You may know it better than us if you’re a small business owner and handling your social media accounts by yourself. It’s not always possible to find great content because it always takes time. Remember, if you feel that you’re posting quality content many times a day and getting the desired results, there is no need to change your marketing strategy. We have seen some business owners posting 5 to 10 times a day, and they have succeeded.

  1. Find the Best Time for Posting

Expert marketers said that the best posting time is when your fans are online. We believe that there is no best universal time for posting on Facebook. Each country has different time zones, so you can’t rely on any single time. Moreover, each brand has a different strategy and its own perfect posting time.

Best posting time varies from brand to brand and depends on various factors, such as:

  • Your industry
  • Location of the target audience
  • The time when your followers use Facebook

If you’re not sure about the best time to post, analyze your Facebook page insights. It will give you an idea of when your fans get online. Moreover, you need to find out the best strategy that works best on Facebook because it’s not essential that your Twitter and Instagram strategy will also work on Facebook. Therefore, it’s crucial to create posts specifically for Facebook. Moreover, when posting your articles on social media platforms, you can customize the titles.

  1. Post Videos

If you’re struggling to find the best type of content for posting on Facebook, try posting videos. We have observed that videos perform well and help get more reach and engagement. According to the BuzzSumo study, videos help you gain twice engagement than other formats.

Follow the below-given practices to get the most out of your videos:

  • Try to upload videos on Facebook instead of sharing links.
  • Upload square videos because they get higher average views and engagement than landscape videos.
  • Don’t forget to add captions when uploading videos on Facebook.

If you want to post a video link on Facebook, ensure that it’s short. If the link is long, use urlshortner.org for converting long links into short ones.

  1. Go Live As Much As You Can

Do you know Facebook pushes live videos more than the uploaded videos? Moreover, Facebook has updated the algorithm, and now live videos rank higher. According to Facebook, people spend three times more time watching live videos. Live videos also get ten times more comments than regular videos.

When you go live often, it will boost your non-live videos as well. Try the below-given tips when you go live:

  • Share the scenes of your work-space and event
  • Host question-answer session
  • Explain how to do something
  • Share breaking news
  • Share tips

All these tips can help you get more engagement and achieve your goals.

  1. Ask for Opinions

People mostly comment when they want to share their opinion, but unfortunately, we don’t often give them a chance to say anything. The best way is to ask a question and encourage your followers to share their opinions. These questions will vary according to your audience.

  1. Run Ads on Best Posts

You might be wondering how to find the best posts? Your top-performing posts are the best, and these are the posts with the best content. The best way is to run ads on them and boost them. By choosing the right ad targeting, your post will reach more people and get more engagement.

Now you might be wondering how much I need to invest. Relax; you don’t need to invest much for this. With only a $10 budget, you can get three times more reach and engagement than organic reach.

  1. Recycle Your Top Posts

You can also recycle your top posts to get more value out of your content. By re-posting high-quality content, you can sometimes generate more reach and engagement than the original post. As a result, it doubles the value of your content.

For example, you shared a post, and your audience loved it; after some time, you can re-post it with a video. More importantly, by adding video, you’ll get twice reach and engagement. Remember, we don’t suggest re-posting the same post as it is. You can make a few changes in the post to make it unique, such as:

  • Add an image
  • Add a video
  • Ask a question

When you’re focusing on quality and posting only one or two posts a day, you’ll have to wait for a few weeks to repost the same post. It will ensure that your followers don’t see the same post again and again. Moreover, they will not get bored.

  1. Watch other Facebook Pages

Algorithms of social media platforms change frequently. So, if one thing is working today, there is a possibility that it might not work tomorrow. Therefore, it’s essential to keep watching other pages to find what’s working for them. Facebook gives you an option of “Pages to Watch” so that you can see pages similar to yours.

This feature allows you to compare the performance of your page and posts with others. When you click on a page name, it will help you check the top posts of that page.

  1. Create a Facebook Group

If you’re worried about falling reach, create a Facebook group and link it to your Facebook Page. When your followers join it, there will be more discussions in a group than on your Facebook page. These discussions will help your Facebook page in many ways, such as:

  • Awareness

When members engage with one another, it will keep your brand on the top of their minds. You can get engagement on your Facebook page by posting and commenting. Moreover, it will encourage group members to visit your Facebook page for updates.

  • Algorithm Boost

It’s just a guess, not the surety. When your Facebook group gets a boost, it will increase page engagement. Moreover, your group posts will start to appear in your member’s news feed.

Final Words

When you’re not sure about the best strategy for Facebook marketing, try these tips mentioned above. Before following any strategy, don’t forget to make your URLs short by using urlshortner.org. Short URLs don’t only make your posts look good, but they also help you get more engagement and sales. After making your URLs short, you can follow the rest of the strategies for getting quick results. So, if you find this post helpful, don’t forget to share your feedback.







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