How to Get More Followers and Views on Tiktok?

Shiel Published on May 22, 2021

With the increasing popularity of Tiktok, everyone wants to become a TikTok star, but unfortunately, it’s not easy to get organic followers and views due to increased competition. When you copy content or ideas, you won’t achieve your goal. So, you need to post unique content to engage your audience. We have received many queries about how to get more followers and views on TikTok? Therefore, we have decided to share some valuable tips that can help you increase TikTok views and likes.

20 Ways to Get More Followers and Views on Tiktok

If you want to become successful on any social media platform or search engine, you need to understand the algorithm of that platform. When you know the algorithm, you can customize your posts according to it. So, when you follow the algorithm, you achieve your goal.

Read this post till the end to find some helpful tips to become successful on TikTok. So, let’s start:

  1. Identify Your Target Audience

When more users view your video, your video will appear on For You page. As a result, you’ll get more followers and likes. There are different types of people on Tiktok with different mindsets. Whether you’re a pet lover or love to create some unique art pieces, you’ll find videos according to your interest.

Remember, you can’t be an expert in multiple domains and can’t make videos to please everyone. Therefore, it’s crucial to identify your target audience. You must know for whom you’re making videos. Understand the likes and dislikes of your audience. Use your Instagram profile to know their interests by sharing stories, asking a question, or creating a poll.

You’ll get great answers, and then you can focus on the videos they want to see. Check your competitors to see what they’re doing. For example, you’re offering tips and tricks on Instagram and YouTube; you can do the same on TikTok by creating short videos.

If you’re still unable to identify your target audience, switch to a Pro account. In this account, you’ll get high-level analytics about your audience and content. You can use these analytics to improve your content.


  1. Follow Trends at the Right Time

Tiktok creates different challenges from time to time, and users can create videos on them. You can add sounds yourself. When you follow trends at the right time, it gives you a chance to get viral. You can use the sound used by the first user or check other profiles to stand out from the crowd. Trendy videos are the best option to get followers and likes.

If you feel that current trends or challenges are not according to your interest or brand, you can create your own. Famous people create their own challenges, and their fans make videos on those. When you start your own challenge, it will give you lots of followers and views if it goes viral.

Try to introduce the fun challenge to get more audience. Ensure that challenge isn’t tricky and easy to execute.

  1. Add Hashtags

No one can deny the importance of hashtags because they can help you discover an audience you don’t know before. You can’t use random hashtags because they won’t help. Therefore, it’s crucial to spend time and find the right hashtags. Use the most trending hashtags if you’re following a challenge.

When you do this, people will see your video along with other videos. Moreover, when you make a video on a trend, you get a boost in the number of views. Many successful Tiktok stars have used this strategy and started earning. Follow the below-given guidelines for hashtags:

  • Don’t use the same hashtag again and again.
  • The best way is to add 2 to 3 hashtags.
  • Use one most popular, one less popular, and the last one related to sound.
  • Remember, before using any hashtag; check the number of views on it. 

So, after following all these guidelines, no one can stop your video from getting viral.

  1. Be Creative and Make High-Quality Videos

 When you want to be successful either on YouTube or Tiktok, you have to make some investment. For making high-quality videos, you need some essential supplies, such as:

  • Camera

Use the iPhones for making good quality videos.

  • Lighting

Ensure that you have bulbs and lights of the same intensity. You can try different angles to find the best one with maximum light intensity.

  • Background

It’s the optional but yet most important thing. Your goal is to engage the audience, so ensure that your background is aesthetic.

  • Video Editing Software

It’s the skill that can help you gain an advantage over others. People can make the best videos by fulfilling all the requirements mentioned above, but they can't succeed if they don’t know how to edit the video. You can use different apps like Adobe Premiere and Viva Video to edit your videos.

When you buy all these essentials and use your creativity, you can get more engagement, and as a result, you can get more followers and views.

  1. Use Trending Music on Your Videos

So, you have invested and created the best video; the next step is to add music. The best option is to use a trending song or music. Explore the top 100 songs of the week and use the most popular songs on your videos.

Many artists use this platform to increase their song sales. When more people make videos on the same music, there is always a chance that your video will appear in For You, and you’ll get more followers and views.  The best idea is to use music that is recommended by the app.

  1. Post Original Content

When you create content regularly and create innovative videos, it will increase your chances of getting followers. More followers mean more views and likes. Tiktok has an algorithm that loves more posting and interactions. When you post more, people will reach more and more people will see your content.

You can use the editing features for creating entertaining content within the app or use external options as mentioned above. There is a possibility that some videos will get thousands or even millions of likes, and some will not get any engagement, so don’t get disheartened. Once you find something that works for your brand, you can stick to it. Make some iteration to keep it interesting for your followers.

Remember, there is no sure way to succeed on Tiktok, but consistency and original content are the keys to success.

  1. Post at Peak Times

The best way to get more followers and views is to understand when your audience is most active. As mentioned earlier, the Pro account allows you to check at which specific time and days your audience is most active.

Remember, you have to perform time zone conversion to see in your local time. It will definitely help. Moreover, you need to perform some experiments to get results. It will take time to learn about the best and peak posting times, and you’ll have to be consistent for weeks to get results. You can use other social media platforms as a benchmark to know the best posting time.  

  1. Collaborate with Other Tiktok Influencers

When you work with a team, there is always a chance to achieve goals quickly. The same thing applies here. People who are making videos with teams will always be slightly ahead of you. They work together and grow together.

When posting videos, they mention each other, and when videos get viral, people check other’s accounts as well.  If you want to grow quickly, try adding an opposite gender team member. Believe me, it works, and you’ll get followers and views at a much rapid pace.

  1. Make Videos with Pets

People love to see pets, and it's the best option to convert pet lovers into your followers. Remember, don’t abuse this trick and post only one video in a week with pets. More importantly, pet lovers love to post comments, so when a video gets more comments, it will signal TikTok that people love and want to see this video.

When the video gets a boost, it will automatically increase followers and views.

  1. Learn from Experts

No one can be an expert, especially the beginners. So, before starting making videos, go to Tiktok and explore the For You page. You’ll notice that some videos have thousands and millions of likes.

It’s time to think about what makes their videos good? Do they have extraordinary skills, or their personality help them get more engagement? Closely examine their performance and check special effects they use in their videos. All these things can help you make a better video next time.

  1. Share Post on Other Social Media Platforms

Whenever you make a video and post on Tiktok, don’t forget to share on other social media platforms that you’re using. Put your videos on stories. Add your Tiktok profile link in the Instagram bio and vice versa to get more followers. Post your videos on Facebook and Pinterest. Pinterest is the best platform to get likes.

  1. Share in Tiktok Groups

It’s an addition to the above point. Join Facebook groups where you can share and promote your videos. Try to share your profile link along with videos. Read group policies because some groups don’t like profile sharing. When you post high-quality videos, users will get to your profiles through the TikTok search.

  1. Repost Tiktok as UGC

If you’re not good at generating unique content or don’t have time, you can repost content of famous people on Tiktok. User-generated content can help you get followers. It’s easy to download the content and repost because there will be the Tiktok logo and creator's name on the video, so there won’t be any credit issues.

It will not only help you boost the posting frequency, but you can take advantage of getting more followers and views. Users love to be featured on the brand’s profiles. When you want to sell a physical product, then UGC is a great idea to get more followers.

  1. Add a CTA

You might be wondering how to add a call-to-action button in the Tiktok video and how it will work. It’s an excellent option to get more followers. Profiles with CTA buttons have more chances of getting followers and views than videos without CTA. A little message at the end can help you get more followers.

Ensure that you create an enticing and clever CTA. You can either add simple text like follow us for more videos. If you have the money, you can host a giveaway. You can request visitors to share the video or tag friends. All these little steps can help you win the race.

  1. Ask for Feedback

It’s almost similar to the above point, but it’s a powerful option to grow your account. When you ask for feedback, it will increase engagement, and you’ll come to know about your weaknesses. Ask people how you can improve your content to entertain them? When they start liking your content, you can make money along with getting feedback.

  1. Engage with the Tiktok Content You Like

Indeed Tiktok is a social media platform, but it’s not like Facebook and Instagram, so that you can’t make conversations. So, the best way to show yourself as a brand is to react to other’s content. Found brands similar to yours and start commenting on them.

Find influencers to support your brand. When more people talk about you, you’ll automatically get followers and views. When you comment on others' profiles, people will visit your profile and may start following you.

  1. Follow Others to Get Followers

Sometimes, this practice is enough to get followers. When you follow someone’s profile, it prompts them to check yours. When you follow more users, your users will increase quickly. The best way is to follow less popular people because they tend to follow back. Tiktok stars don’t often follow back because they’re already stars.

  1. Explore Paid Options

If you want your content to be seen by the target audience, you can go for paid options. In paid options, the competition is relatively low. Tiktok ads are the best way to target specific locations and demographics. It means they will convert to followers. You can explore the below-given ads options:

  • In Feed Ads

It will show your content in the user’s feed and in between the posts.

  • Top View

It presents the user’s profile when they open the app. So, when it reaches a large audience, you’ll get what you want.

  • Hashtag Challenges

Your custom hashtag will be placed over the discovery page. It can help your profile get maximum engagement and views.

  • Brand Takeover

These ads are similar to top view, and they appear on the screen when someone opens the app.

These ad options are still growing, and there will be many other marketing opportunities in the future.

  1. Buy Tiktok Followers and Likes

If you have time to make videos and wait for the results, you don’t have to go for this option. In contrast, if you’re in a hurry and want to grow your account, then spend a few bucks to get followers and likes. Search for the trusted service providers. Otherwise, you can also buy from TikFuel.

There are different packages so you can choose the package according to your demand. When you buy from TikFuel, you can enjoy many benefits, such as:

  • No need to share a password
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Speedy and safe delivery

The only issue is you have to invest money, but the output you’ll get will be more worthy than your investment.

  1. Be Consistent

Regardless of the field you’re in; you need to be consistent. When you upload videos daily, it will boost your profile. If you have busy schedules, you can make videos in bulk and upload them one by one. Follow the points mentioned above for posting at peak times. When you get more traffic to your videos, TikTok will automatically make them viral. When videos start to appear in For You, you’ll get unlimited organic followers and views, which is our ultimate goal.

So, when you follow all these points, no one can stop you from getting popular on Tiktok.

Final Words

As mentioned at the start, it’s the hot question these days, and everyone wants to know how to get more followers and views on Tiktok? I believe that these tips and ways can help you boost your fan base and views. More importantly, I would love to see you as the next influencer.

Ultimately, if you don’t have money to buy followers and likes, you must be creative to engage the audience. You have to do experiments to find what works best for you because working for others doesn’t mean that it will work for you.



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