How to Shorten Links with

Shiel Published on April 06, 2021

How to Shorten Links with


A short and manageable link to your content is a powerful internet marketing tool in this age of technology. Aptly called a link, your URL connects – links – your customer or target audience or donor with their required destination, which is your website. A short link also allows you to get and collect and analyze an immense amount of data. The idea to shorten link is not really that new in spite of what you might think. The facility to shortenlinks with tools like has actually been available from as long back as 19 years ago. Recently, the popularity of shorter links has jumped with a sharp rise in the use of various social media, especially microblogging sites like Twitter, which have a 140 characters limit for their messages. A url shortener is a great tool to promote and participate in the current web culture and to generally help in the growth of the Internet


Advantages of using url shorteners:

There can be many reasons why you would wish to shortenlinks. Most of the time, the normal link, the original, to any kind of site you may wish to share, can be really long, unwieldy, and extremely hard to remember. It makes sense, then, to shorten link to make it not just more aesthetically pleasing, but easier to remember and to share. When web developers come up with the original links, they will put all kinds of descriptive attributes, paths, and many kinds of session information into it. So, original links can have hundreds of characters with difficult to remember character patterns.


 It is a lot more convenient to shorten link to make for ease of sharing, and to make it much easier to circulate them via SMS, for marketing purposes. Sometimes a url shortener might be needed only for a few minutes, to give to someone over a call, or for providing someone access to a file or something for a very short while. It can be much easier to shorten link for sharing with the audience of a talk, or a networking event, or to share in an online forum. A url shortener also allows you to mask or hide the original address information. This can be useful, to highlight your content, and to make the link more manageable. Once you shorten link, you can share and send it without errors in typing, and it looks neat. This also promotes sharing, making it easier and less bulky for people to just re-tweet or auto-share, instead of having to copy-paste the whole thing. After all, it is easier to text the shortened link.


Another advantage of a url shortener can be tracking how many people do or do not click the specific link, which can be very important for digital marketing drives. There are tools that will allow you to analyze the data collected. This allows you a far better idea of the number of real visitors and the conversion rate you are getting, with daily data breakdowns, and geographical locations, and more. This type of information is great in helping you develop better products and to make and share more targeted content for your customers, clients, and visitors.


Short links can also be transformed into social media services. A url shortener acts as an aggregate of information, to re-target. This can help to increase the reach of your content and a little added pixel which allows you to send targeted ads to your visitors later, which can be a very profitable strategy for generating profits. It is not even necessary for someone to actually visit your website to be tagged. They merely have to click the relevant link. The same tracking tactic with a url shortener can help you track the outcome of a social campaign.


Try to avoid the use of url shortener when linking from one page of your own site to another, though, because you don’t really need extra tracking. Similarly, when sending an email to a trusted person who also trusts you, there is no need for shortening (although it might look better).


Watch out for:

Short-lived shorten links. Some services for url shorteners will offer you only a limited service, where the shortened url expires after a specified period. This can be useful when you need a one-off…but check before you use, if you need a longer duration. There is also the issue of linkrot in the case of the shortening service no longer working. In addition, some websites consider the possibility of link masking via link shortener to be malicious and may not allow the posting of or redirected from shortened urls. Sometimes, because of the type of domain hierarchy they use, shorten links can inadvertently violate country laws and might get banned from a particular country, so watch out for that and the impact that might have on your site.




However, numerous innovations are taking place, and URL shorteners are set to soon become the major feature of the internet. These days, if you have any business… or pleasure… on the internet, you may need to use a URL shortener. Sometimes it can be just a personal tool, to boost the productivity of a blog or a vlog, to increase visibility for personal work or art, or to help keep a track of visitors and report the results to your sponsor, or editor, or publisher. For professional sales, marketing, and advertising workers, link shortening is not just a choice but a necessary tool for their work and reports. Either way, link shortening with, for example, is guaranteed to not just save you a ton of time and inconvenience, but will also boost your personal and professional marketing strategy.


Whether you are promoting a book, marketing a business coaching website, putting yourself out there as a consultant, or just carrying on with your day-to-day work, link shortening provides you with a range of varied advantages. This makes URL shortners like a powerful tool in your online arsenal. If you are active on social media, want to be popular, and happen to be managing different media platforms and pages, there is no alternative to the shortening of your links.


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