Menashe batito - as called " מנשה בטיטו " - Top Seo competition 2021

Shiel Published on August 29, 2021

Menashe batito - as called " מנשה בטיטו " -  Top Seo competition 2021


" מנשה בטיטו  " - the first seo competition in Israel :


The competition was started by BUY POST, a PR company that is a leader in its field in Israel,

The competition was to lead in the first 30 days on the concept of " מנשה בטיטו " and finish as first place with a clean domain that had not been used before.

For the benefit of the competition, a lot of sites have been opened with the concept of Menashe Betito, but in the end, only one is going to win

I wonder who it will be

So many promotional goods and quality

Good luck to everyone!


Menashe in the Bible:

Menashe inherited a small ruined and enslaved kingdom after the suppression of the Jewish revolt by Assyria. Immigrants were residents of the Kingdom of Israel and various peoples who were exiled to Samaria by the Assyrians. Many refugees from the Kingdom of Israel found refuge in Jerusalem. Israeli immigration to Judah has quadrupled the area of ​​Jerusalem and the city's population has increased tenfold. Israelis were usually in Jerusalem three times as many as Jews and had a decisive influence on Judah's culture, traditions and writings. Influenced by Menashe's policy, Judah saw herself as Israel's political and cultural heiress in her heyday.

During his long reign, Judea was restored from the destruction of the Sennacherib expedition, methods of production and economic organization were perfected, trade relations were developed with many countries, and Jewish settlement spread southward [3].

Menashe repealed, despite opposition from the prophets, Hezekiah's religious reform, and promised freedom of worship to all. Menashe's description in the Bible as one who shed "pure blood" [4] is given the possibility of part of the picture of the internal struggles of his day in matters of religion. For his services to Assyria, Asherhdon handed over to Judea part of the Samaria area.

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