The Benefits of Shortening Link before Sharing it on WhatsApp

Shiel Published on February 09, 2021

The Benefits of Shortening Link before Sharing it on WhatsApp

When you use WhatsApp business app, you need to share a short link with your customers so that they can start chatting with you. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of shortening link before sharing it on WhatsApp and how URL shortener can help you make your link shorter?

How to Create and Access Short Link in WhatsApp Business App?

When you create your account on WhatsApp business app, a short link will automatically be created. If you want to access that link, you need to go to your WhatsApp Business App, click on Settings, and then go to Business tools.

Tap on the shorten link, and you’ll see the auto-generated link. You can copy this link if you want to share it on Facebook pages, websites, or elsewhere. Moreover, you can click on the share option if you're going to directly send this link to your customers. You can set a message template so the customers will see that after opening the link.

Why Shorten Links before Sharing on WhatsApp?

You can use a URL shortener like to shorten link before sharing it on WhatsApp. There are plenty of benefits of sharing short URLs on WhatsApp, such as:

  1. Short links are more manageable

When you share long links on WhatsApp, they are challenging to manage. Moreover, they’re difficult to communicate and understand. On the other hand, shorter links are easy to operate and share on social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook. Additionally, users can share these links with others.

  1. They provide users with useful features

Short URLs are not complicated, and they provide a useful interface for sharing on social media. Companies are always trying their best to bring innovations to make the user experience better. Moreover, short links help users improve their browsing experience.

  1. They promote sharing

The main goal of every business is to get more visibility. Short URLs can fit more content in a short space. Due to the rise of smartphones and the internet, it’s easier to text a short URL than a longer one. Moreover, social media platforms have become popular over the past few years so that shorter links will increase sharing through these platforms. No one likes to share long links on their Facebook walls because they take more space and look awkward.

People love to share short links with their friends and family members. Most people share these links on their WhatsApp status. So, when everything is getting smart, then why to use long links?

How to Make a Long Link Short for WhatsApp Sharing?

There are plenty of tools and plugins available that can help you to make your URLs short. We have described the detailed process in our other post. We’ll give you an overview of the process here. You just have to visit and paste your URL in the box. Click on shorten, and you’ll get a short URL. You can share it on WhatsApp or any other platform.


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