The Best Free Bitly Alternative 2021

Shiel Published on February 16, 2021

Do you want to share your blog post link on social media and realize that it’s long and looks ugly, and it also exceeds the character count allowed by Twitter, then what would you do? It makes you frustrated, and you start thinking about shortening the URL. For this, you need a reliable URL shortener. Therefore, we have compiled a guide to discuss the best free bitly alternative 2021. There is no doubt that short URLs help in different ways, but people don’t want to pay for this service. So, all the bitly alternatives we’re going to discuss here are free.

Before going into the details of alternatives, let’s discuss some benefits of short URLs. Short URLs look excellent and better. They provide a better user experience for social media followers and customers. It’s super easy to convert a long URL into a shorter one.

Remember, there are always limited features in free URL shorteners, so ensure that you compare them to find the right one for you.

12 Best Free Bitly Alternatives 2021

All these bitly alternatives are free and can help you convert your long URL into a short one in a few seconds.

  1. URL Shortener

It is the best option for converting long URLs in to short ones. Moreover, it’s free and easily accessible. It’s our top pick because it’s one of the best converters available online. After converting into a short URL, you can use the link on different social media platforms without worrying about the character count. Visit this link and convert your long URL into a short one in a matter of seconds and few clicks. You can bookmark this site for faster link shortening.

  1. Rebrandly

It’s the leading link management platform that allows you to brand and track URLs using custom domains. Many well-known brands like Tesla, Dell, Oracle, SAP, and many more are using this product to generate short URLs. It offers the most advanced and scalable options that encourage both small and large brands. They help you develop branded links because they’re completely customizable and easily memorable.

Branded links help win the customer’s trust. Moreover, they help increase brand awareness. When short links are compared with branded links, they help increase the CTR by 39%.

  1. GoLinks

They help generate short links that are easy to remember. It allows you to transform long and ugly links into short and easily manageable links. Furthermore, you can share these links in chats, emails, and browsers. It’s the best platform for companies to safely and effectively communicate and track links. More importantly, it’s easy to use and can help you convert a long URL into a short URL in a few clicks.

  1. TinyURL

In our list of 10 best bitly alternatives, it’s probably the most outdated URL shortener, but it’s still useful because of the feature it possesses. This online tool is simple, and anybody can use it. Just paste or write the URL in the box, and you’ll get a short URL. Moreover, shorter links will never get expired. They offer a branding feature that is free for all, and you can use it at the end of short URLs to make it more memorable.

  1. BL.INK

It’s the most trusted option that the leading brands of the world have used. This URL shortener is fully featured, and it has a beginner-friendly interface that allows everyone to track link activity. It will enable you to check traffic based on device type, location type, and language. It allows you to check clicks to see engagement.

It allows brands to create short links to create highly targeted URLs that can bring traffic to your site. Furthermore, it can also bring more sales. You can use this tool to allow access to people of your choice. It’s available in both free and paid versions. It has different plans, and you’ll have to pay for what you use. It can benefit your brand in many ways.

  1. PixelMe

 It’s the best platform for savvy marketers. Additionally, it allows you to track your marketing efforts, view customer journeys, track ROI, and finally optimize your budget for more growth. This platform is easy to use and used by many brands across the world. You can create a short URL in a few seconds.

  1. Lnnkin

It’s a free URL shortening tool and allows businesses to create branded links. Moreover, companies can use it to create short and safe links that can be shared quickly and monitored by analytic algorithms. This platform enables companies to get the exposure they deserve. Moreover, it allows companies to convert long URLs into shorter ones without even losing the effectiveness.

By using this tool, you can improve brand visibility and generate more sales. You can use this service to check if it’s an excellent alternative to bitly or not. It has easy to use dashboard, and this secure and free platform provides robust API integration.


The name looks strange, but it’s meaningful because it stands for Your Own URL Shortener. This open-source and free URL shortener is easy to use. Using this tool, you can add your branded links and track traffic without needing any third party services. If you want to customize your own short URLs and have some programming experience, choose this option without any second thought.

It allows you to create both private and public links for free. You can use your own public interface or use sample files. You can bookmark it for quick access and sharing URLs with ease. You’ll have to install and run this tool, but it’s lightweight and doesn’t put stress on your servers.

  1. T2M

This link shortener comes with unique features that help you analyze link activity and track traffic. It allows you to create custom links for your brands, and more importantly, these links will never expire. Moreover, they save your time and effort by allowing you to make bulk links in no time. You can share these links on social media with just one click.

Some features of T2M are password-protected URLs, no advertisement is allowed, target Geographic locations, easy to use dashboard, and easy link management. Moreover, it offers 404 redirects and CVs import and export tool as well. If you feel it’s the tool you’re looking for, you can buy their basic plan because all these features are not free.


It’s the most simple but effective URL shortener. For branding purposes, you can use it to create customize URLs. More importantly, you don’t need an account to access stats. The stats include metrics based on location, browser used, returning clicks, and many more. Moreover, it allows you to delete any URL you want, manage tags, view link history, and search for the URLs.

For quick access and fast browsing, bookmark this tool. It allows you to create short links for social media, email campaigns, SMS messages, and many more. You can track statistics by using QR codes. In its free plan, you can edit 500 short links. For multiple users and more clicks, you can choose a premium plan.

  1. Polr

If you want to create and host your own URL shortener tool, you can use this open-source tool. It is the best tool for people with technical knowledge of PHP, MySQL, and Lumen. It has a modern and slick interface, but it has limited tools for analyzing link activity. Moreover, you can also create a custom domain name for business branding. More importantly, it offers a demo page so that you can explore features before committing to this tool. All you have to do is just create an account, and you’re all set to use this free tool.

  1. Linkly

This URL shortener allows you to create beautiful and branded links with smart redirects. You can use a domain name for making a custom URL shortener. Moreover, it will enable you to track the number of clicks. It has both free and premium versions. In the free plan, you can analyze 2000 clicks per month.

How to Choose the Right URL Shortener?

As mentioned at the start, all the URL shorteners are not the same. You have to check all the features and plans before deciding which one is best for you. Based on the above comparison, we can say that is best for you because of easy to use interface and quick access. Moreover, it’s completely free and generates results in a few seconds. TinyURL is also another effective solution. All these tools satisfy your needs.

Conclusion When you are Shortenlink

URL shorteners are used worldwide, and they help create short URLs in a few clicks. There are plenty of online tools available to convert long URLs in to short ones, but the point is how to find the right one according to your needs. All these tools are the best free bitly alternative for 2021. You have to compare these tools to find the right one for your needs.


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