URL Shortener - How to Shorten a Long URL?

Shiel Published on December 30, 2020

URL Shortener

Are you worried about the long URLs and want to make them short? Don’t worry because you’re in the right place. You just have to follow some simple steps, and you can convert a long URL into a shorter one.


URL shortener can help reduce long links for top sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linked-in, Twitter, and Amazon.

How to Shorten a Long URL?

As mentioned earlier, it’s a simple and few steps process.

  • Just copy the URL that you want to reduce.
  • Go to https://urlshortner.org/ and paste your URL in the box.
  • Click on shorten, and it will convert your long link into a shorter one.
  • Copy this short URL and share it in chats, emails, and websites.

So, you can simply shorten your long URL by following the steps mentioned above.


Reasons Why URL Shorteners Are Helpful

URL shortener tools can provide you many benefits, such as:

  • Links become more manageable

URLs help rank higher in the search engines. People love to use keywords in the URLs. Sometimes the URLs become lengthy and don’t look good when shared on Facebook, Twitter, emails. So, you can https://urlshortner.org/ to shorten the links and make them easy to share.

  • Short links can help track and compile the click data

Many URL shorteners provide comprehensive data of where the link was clicked etc. this type of information help website owners to improve their search appearance. Moreover, after you are Shorten Links with our tool you can track from where the customers are coming and what attracts them the most. When you get detailed information, you can achieve better results.

  • Users can enjoy useful features

Shorter links provide users with a useful user interface for sharing via social media. Companies can make innovations to improve user experience. So URL shorteners can help improve the browsing experience.

  • Can improve site speed

It may be an invisible benefit, but it definitely is. Short URLs somehow help in better rankings. So, companies and individuals prefer to shorten their links so that they can get improved ranking. Site speed is a ranking factor, and you have to keep everything optimized to get better site speed.

  • Short links promote sharing

At most places you have limited space to share links and content. At these places, short URLs become handy. Nowadays, social media platforms have become popular, so you need to make your links short to promote sharing. Shorter links make web content easy to share, and they can help gain more traffic.

Pros of Short URLs

  • Short URLs make hyperlink text look attractive.
  • They will take less website space.
  • Unattractive strings of letters and numbers can be unpleasant and disgusting, so short URLs can fix this issue.
  • Short URLs make the reading experience smooth.
  • Short links are easy to copy and share.
  • You’ll lose SEO advantage.
  • You can measure the success of your marketing efforts.

So, link shorteners are helpful, and you can enjoy many benefits by shortening URLs.


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