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Shiel Published on April 03, 2021

URL Shortener 


Are you worried about long and complicated links? Do you want to share them on social media platforms, but due to the characters limit on platforms like Twitter, you’re unable to share long URLs? Are you searching for the most effective and free URL shortener? If yes, you’re at the right place. Here we’ll discuss how URL shorteners work. Moreover, we’ll cover the benefits of short URLs. 


Many online tools can help you make your URLs short, but some of them are paid, and some are free. So, how will you find which one is best for you? We’re living in a world of the internet, and now it’s easy to find the best URL shortener in a few seconds. Before going into details, let me tell you the best URL shortener on the internet today 


Why Do You Need to Use URL Shortener? 


Long URLs are difficult to manage and look complicated. Moreover, they’re difficult to share on some platforms. People hesitate to click and share long links. Therefore, the best solution is to use a URL shortener. Moreover, these shorteners help you track the performance of links. They can help you keep a record of visitors, and you can use that record to improve visitor’s experience and site performance.  


For example, you have a site, and you want to drive social traffic on your website, then what will you do? You’ll share links on social media platforms to get visitors. Twitter allows only 280 characters, so you have to make the URL short for sharing on Twitter. Whatever tool you use ensures that it’s safe to use.  


How URL Shorteners Work 


As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of tools available on the internet. Once you find the right tool, you can make your URL short in just a few steps. It will not take more than 3 seconds to convert a long URL into a short one. If you’re interested in using, then just click on the link and paste your long URL in the box. You can also search on Google to find this free converter. 


Reasons for Using URL Shortener 


When we want to share links, the first thing we need to do is to convert a long URL into short a one. There are lots of reasons for using a URL shortener:


Long Links Look Suspicious 


You want to share a specific link buried deep in your website, you’ll have to share a lengthy URL. When you want to share it through email or on social media platforms, they look suspicious. People hesitate to open such links because they don’t know where they’ll redirect. In contrast, short URLs look neat, friendly, tidy, and well. 


You Can Brand Your Links


You have created a new brand, and you want to spread awareness; a URL shortener is a tool that can help you achieve this goal. Create a short link in a few seconds and boost your brand’s visibility. Use a custom URL shortener and insert your brand name. 


You Can Track Performance 


Many URL shorteners offer you track performance metrics. It helps you find out who clicked on your link, from where and when the link was clicked. Some URL shorteners offer this advanced feature that can help you calculate the performance of your marketing campaigns. 


Share Posts on Social Media


Sometimes you fail to post long links on social media platforms because of the characters limit. So, use a URL shortener to make the link short and add other valuable information about the post. We have talked about Twitter earlier. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow unlimited characters, but you’ll not get engagement if the links are not concise. Short links are good for readability. 


Short URLs Are Easy to Remember


Another crucial reason for converting a long URL to a short one is that they’re easy to remember. A person can type the URL if he/she wants to check that post. It will give you direct traffic. 


Benefits of URL Shorteners


Many people still don’t use URL shorteners because they’re not familiar with the benefits of these tools. So, just check the benefits of short URLs and convert your long links into short ones. 


Short links are easy to understand and remember. 


They allow you to get more engagement. 


They look neat, tidy, and well. 


Visitors feel comfortable clicking these links. 


They can be easily shared on social media platforms. 


Short URLs are easy to control and manage. 


They take less space, and they’re easy to remember. 


You can monitor performance by using metrics. 


So, once you know the benefits, the next step is to find the right tools. You can use for converting long URLs in to shorter ones. 


Key Features of URL Shorteners 


By using our tool, you can enjoy different exciting features, such as:


All users can use the branding feature for free. 


By using this tool you can access users of your choice. 


By checking insights, you can adjust your budget and improve marketing efforts.


Many well-known brands worldwide are using this tool for free. 


You can also monitor engagement. 


It’s safe and trustable for users.  


Final Notes


Indeed it’s the best decision to use a URL shortener for converting long URLs in to shorter ones. Short URLs offer you plenty of advantages. What you have to do for converting lengthy URLs into shorter ones? Just choose the right tool and convert long URLs into shorter ones. If you’re not sure which tool is right for you, you can try 


It’s a free and easy-to-use online tool, and many well-known brands are using it. So, if they can take advantage of it, then why can’t you? Just go to that address and enter your link in the box, and it will convert it in a few seconds. More importantly, this link will never expire. You can also enjoy some advanced features like tracking and monitoring the campaign’s performance. 



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